North of Jordan, 48 km from the capital , Amman. With a population of 153,000 people. the city is a place of amusement for researchers and students of knowledge and especially tourists from worldwide through its monuments, forests, large gardens, and moderate throughout the year climate. And is the second most visited in Jordan after Petra. The site is now recognized as one of the best preserved Romanian cities in the world. she was under the sand before being excavated and restored before 70 years .





In 747 AD, an earthquake destroyed large parts of the city , and in addition there was later successively earthquakes , wars and conflicts and also between cities, these events hit the region and increase destruction. and its ruins remained buried in the soil for hundreds of years until end discovered by the traveler and orientalist German Ulrich Jesper Sitsn in 1806 AD.


" Jerash " consists of paved and colonnaded streets , high temples , theaters where is the Jerash Festival , squares and public courses, bathrooms , fountains , arches and doors. and most famous monument is the Hadrian " Arc de Triomphe ", which was built in 130 AD door to celebrate the visit of the Roman Emperor Hadrian in the city.



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