History and Culture

Jordan has become an important cultural center in the region and that the artistic and cultural movement in Jordan in a state of constant movement and progress continuously, amman became airy hearts of art lovers and corrupt officials, to this capital, not a number of excellent theaters, galleries and art exhibitions upscale making offers highly in quality and depth, which ranging from painting, sculpture, ceramics and other doctrines of ancient and modern art on the extent Soa.

Cultural centers and can be identified by its places and dates of seasons across issued in Arabic or English language local newspapers where and Tqamm annual seasons for the celebration of theatrical and artistic variety, do not forget crafts such as ceramics and pottery dishes , baskets, embroidery and wonderful bottles of sand decorated with colorful types of sand along with hand ornaments of silver and other handicrafts that represent inherited culturally fantastic reflects the spirit of the Arab and Islamic civilization, and these crafts have benefited at the end of the last century of modern technology Aftuat this modern technology to be used in the production of goods and craftsmen immortal heritage and unique.



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